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CR Tape
Cable Repair Tape is designed for use as temporary splices on low voltage cables and splice covers on high voltage cables. The two-ply 55 mil thick CR Tape consists of black cured rubber bonded to a layer of uncured soft mastic rubber. CR Tape forms an impermeable, waterproof seal around splice repairs. Maintains pressurized cables. Meets AT Spec. 7144.

CR-28 28" x 0.055" x 20' (Custom sizes available)

DR Tape
Double Repair Tape is designed to protect splices from dust and water on both low and high voltage cables. A high dielectric tape for use in high-moisture or wet conditions, DR Tape is suitable for in-ground and under-water applications. The two-ply, 45 mil thick double rubber tape consists of black uncured rubber bonded to uncured tan mastic rubber. DR Tape forms an impermeable, watertight seal around splices, and insulate low voltage cables. Meets AT Spec. 6863 TL-192.

DR-2 2" x 0.045" x 15'

DR-3/4 3/4" x 0.045" x 15' (Custom Sizes Available)



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